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Welcome to our FAQs section. Here are answers to some of the most common questions about Augusté  Skin and our services.

What is a non-invasive zero downtime facial?

It’s a gentle facial treatment that improves skin health without any surgery or recovery time.

Our facials promote collagen production, reduce fine lines, and enhance skin texture for a rejuvenated appearance.

Sessions usually take around 60 minutes, making it convenient for lunchtime treatment.

Our non-invasive facials are designed for comfort; clients typically experience minimal to no discomfort.

Many clients notice a radiant glow immediately, with continued improvement over the following days. Remember maintenance is key.

Yes, our holistic approach customises treatments to suit various skin types and concerns.

Absolutely! There’s no downtime, allowing you to resume normal activities immediately.

Monthly or Bimonthly sessions are recommended to maintain and enhance the benefits for healthier-looking skin.

We use clinically proven, high-quality products tailored to individual skin needs for optimal results.

We use clinically proven, high-quality products tailored to individual skin needs for optimal results.

Our approach considers not just skin, but overall well-being, incorporating techniques that promote balance and relaxation.

Yes, our facials can be customised to target specific concerns, providing a comprehensive solution.

While results vary, regular sessions contribute to sustained improvements in skin health and appearance.

Our facials are suitable for adults of all ages, addressing various skin needs and concerns.

Arrive with a clean face and share any specific concerns or preferences with our experienced estheticians during the consultation.

Generally, our non-invasive facials are safe during pregnancy, but it’s advisable to consult with your healthcare provider first.

What makes your clinical plant-based skincare line luxurious?

Our skincare line combines opulent ingredients with cutting-edge science, offering a lavish experience for discerning individuals.

Our formula, dermatologically tested, is gentle yet effective, specially crafted to soothe and nourish even the most sensitive skin types.

With consistent use, our skincare line unveils a radiant complexion, diminishes fine lines, and enhances skin texture for a luxurious, lasting glow.

Absolutely. Our commitment to purity means zero nasties or harmful chemicals, ensuring a clean and luxurious skincare experience.

We proudly state that our products are cruelty-free, reflecting our dedication to ethical practices and the well-being of our furry friends.

Our exclusive blend of botanicals and clinically proven ingredients brings forth a unique synergy, delivering a truly indulgent and effective skincare regimen.

Yes, our meticulously curated formula is suitable for all skin types, providing a luxurious experience for everyone seeking premium skincare.

Every aspect of our skincare line, from the carefully selected ingredients to the elegant packaging, exudes exclusivity and a touch of luxury.

Our skincare line offers a subtle, sophisticated fragrance derived from natural sources, providing a sensorial experience without overwhelming the senses.

Yes, the transformative effects of our products are designed to be enduring, offering a luxurious, ongoing improvement in skin health and radiance.

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